Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Just Released


Mountain Lion 10.8.5 just released and available for download. All users with 10.8.4 are recommended to upgrade.

I just upgraded my macs without any issues. All apps work fine including my Time Machine setup using shared folder in Ubuntu. No additional setting needed.


The New Arduino Esplora

The New Arduino Esplora

Arduino Esplora is a new Arduino board just launched today. It has game joystick shape.

The Esplora uses an Atmega32U4 AVR microcontroller with 16 MHz crystal oscillator and a micro USB connection capable of acting as a USB client device, like a mouse or a keyboard. Esplora also has lots of input/ouput:

– Analog joystick with central push-button two axis (X and Y) and a center pushbutton.
– 4 push-buttons laid out in a diamond pattern.
– Linear potentiometer slider near the bottom of the board.
– Microphone for getting the loudness (amplitude) of the surrounding environment.
– Light sensor for getting the brightness.
– Temperature sensor reads the ambient temperature
– Three-axis accelerometer measures the board’s relation to gravity on three axes (X, Y, and Z)
– Buzzer can produce square-waves.
– RGB led bright LED with Red Green and Blue elements for color mixing.
– 2 TinkerKit Inputs to connect the TinkerKit sensor modules with the 3-pin connectors.
– 2 TinkerKit Outputs to connect the TinkerKit actuator modules with the 3-pin connectors.
– TFT display connector connector for an optional color LCD screen, SD card, or other devices that use the SPI protocol.

With a lot of features so you can do almost everything using Esplora.

Setup Shared DVD in Ubuntu for Mac OSX Lion

For you who have diskless Macs like MacMini, or Macbook Air with OSX Lion loaded will obviously need to have access and use the external DVD drive. I have Ubuntu 11.04 and would like to use its DVD drive. It’s a bit tricky to do it in Ubuntu 11.04 box. This guide will help you how to solve the problem.


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OSX Lion Theme for Natty Narwhal

Mac OSX Lion Theme for Ubuntu

There is a new version of Elementary Lion Theme 1.1 by Dolsilwa. It is pretty close to what you see in real Mac OSX on the window — the red-yellow-green buttons. Unlike Leopard, in OSX Lion has smaller buttons more elegant buttons. The rest of OSX Lion are similar to Leopard. Another difference is the scroll bar which has a grey solid color rather than shiny blue in the older version.

I’d like to have combination of the two version. Download the theme provided above. Extract the file. You will see two versions one is for Classic Ubuntu, and the other is for Unity. Select the theme you like for Natty. I choose to use The Classic Ubuntu version.

To get as the picture above, I apply the theme and I change icon using Macbuntu theme. Read my previous post if you’d like to activate the Dock and Launcher. What do you think? Let me know if you like.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

I have been using the Windows 7 just a year. Today, Microsoft releases the next version of Windows for developers. It is worth to try? Let’s see what are new in it and whether it will be a good or another bad version of Windows.

What’s new from Microsoft is they release this version for free to public, never happened before. As shown in the ads below, no activation self support.



First we have to setup new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Open VB then click New button at the top bar. In the OS type, select Microsoft Windows, and Version choose Windows 7.  I downloaded version 64 bit version, so I choose Windows 7 64 bit. I think it should work if you choose just Windows 7. Read more of this post

Admire to Wall-e

I admire to the design of Wall-e. It is a briliant creature. I imagine if I can have one at home. Hmm if I make one for my kids what it would be? It is kind of a pet robot, who always busy, run everywhere very fast, a bit shy, and fussy. I found in internet that some creative people who have similar interest like me already started the work.

Wood Wall-e courtesy of make online

Wood Wall-e

This wood made Wall-e must be a serious work, look the details are perfect. Read the detail here. I also make an unperfect and ugly, not finished prototype made using used carton box.

carton wall-e

carton wall-e

It is far from perfect wall-e created with my son. We made it in less than an hour, glued it on top of a chasis with motor, just to get the feel how it would be. We plan to change the neck with servo so the eyes can move left and right. Probably add a censor somewhere at the eyes to make Wall-e can move by her own.

Flash web designer

There is a good, simple to use Flash web designer available on the web called To create a new flash based website you simply create it by selecting from available templates and you do it all online on the web. There are a lot of nice menu, layout templates, pics to choose, and you can modify it in very simple way as if you are a pro flash designer. No training required. The free version will display wix ads. You have to pay monthly fee if you want to get rid of the ads.

Flash is excellent tool to create a program run on the web. It looks elegant, clean, smooth graphics. What I don’t like using Flash is it take a time to load a flash program sometime it take forever if you don’t have broadband connection.

Take a look to my website that I recently created. I finished it basically in less than an hour. Of course later then you have to do some clean ups and fixes here and there. But it is absolutely much faster than if you did it with Adobe Flex. And you can’t do it if you use Linux desktop like me.

I just want to try get the feeling how easy this tool at It is a copy of robot projects in this blog, to show collections of my projects. It has a link to this blog.

But finally I found that you can’t open the website from your mobile phone. It is only available for desktop. I hope they will add mobile version soon so I can open from my android device.