Launch A Web Application in Compact Mode using Chrome

I have been looking for a kind of launcher for web application, for example email, CRM app, WordPress Admin page, etc. that works like desktop client application. So I can have more space and focus on the application I am working with.

Sometime a go, Chrome had an experiment feature that enable you to hide tabs, address bar. But the feature somehow no longer there. I just found that Google has creatively create a (new to me) feature that help you do this.

To do this is very simple. For example I would like to create a shortcut for WordPress Admin page, or for any webapp that you’d like to have.
1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Open your WordPress Admin page, example:
3. Click the Menu icon on the right-top corner, then select More Tools, click Add To Taskbar..
4. Rename the title as you like. Check the Window chexbox. This will hide tabs and addressbar when you open the shortcut. Then click the Add button.

That’s it. Now you have your application shortcut in your taskbar. To delete it just right click and unpin it.


Windows 8 Developer Preview

I have been using the Windows 7 just a year. Today, Microsoft releases the next version of Windows for developers. It is worth to try? Let’s see what are new in it and whether it will be a good or another bad version of Windows.

What’s new from Microsoft is they release this version for free to public, never happened before. As shown in the ads below, no activation self support.



First we have to setup new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Open VB then click New button at the top bar. In the OS type, select Microsoft Windows, and Version choose Windows 7.  I downloaded version 64 bit version, so I choose Windows 7 64 bit. I think it should work if you choose just Windows 7. Read more of this post