Windows 8 Developer Preview

I have been using the Windows 7 just a year. Today, Microsoft releases the next version of Windows for developers. It is worth to try? Let’s see what are new in it and whether it will be a good or another bad version of Windows.

What’s new from Microsoft is they release this version for free to public, never happened before. As shown in the ads below, no activation self support.



First we have to setup new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Open VB then click New button at the top bar. In the OS type, select Microsoft Windows, and Version choose Windows 7.  I downloaded version 64 bit version, so I choose Windows 7 64 bit. I think it should work if you choose just Windows 7.

Then follow the next steps to setup virtual disk, I use VDI format, fixed size 20GB. Then continue to create the disk.

Under Motherboard tab, set desire RAM you will use for Windows. The recommendation for RAM is at least 3GB. I set 4GB. I only select Hard Disk for Boot Order to speed up starting process. Check Enable IO APIC check box.

Then click Processor tab, Enable PAE/NX setting.


Click Acceleration tab, enable both VT-x and Nested Paging check boxes. These are important otherwise Windows will not run.


Click Storage button on the top bar menu. Click the CD icon next to CD/DVD Drive under Attributes then click Choose Virtual CD/DVD Drive. Find the location where you downloaded the ISO image file.

Click Start button to start the installation. Follow instruction until the installation is completed. That’s it. Your Windows 8 is ready.

I use VirtualBox 4.1.2 running on Mac OSX Lion.


One Response to Windows 8 Developer Preview

  1. crazyhorsea29 says:

    i did upgrading my win 7 to 8 dev preview. there’s no graphic card for my laptop and i looks kind of horrible. it’s slow and the metro stuff, i need more time to adjust. let’s just say that i like the old one better, no metro. even unity is more easier to use for the 1st time than metro.

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