Macbuntu Precise Pangolin Wallpaper

I just completed the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I get to like the new look of Unity and the HUD simplicity design.

Macbuntu Precise Pangolin on Wood 1280×1024


So I created a new natural, simple and clean wallpaper, to make it look nicer. I took the idea of this nice text design from Oneiric Ocelot wallpaper by Tux-planet. The text is blended to the wood skin from, and give a burned-pressed effect on the wood.

The logo is from the two OS that I use, my favorite systems, Mac and Ubuntu, that work together for my daily work.

Yes, it says Macbuntu, actually it is my work-in-progress to find the best Macbuntu theme for Pangolin. Tell me if you like it.


Back to the old time of Mac Classic

Remembering the good and the bad things in the old time always make me smile. This is exactly what I feel when trying an old style theme of Mac. I found an old Mac OS 8 “Classic” theme. You see the above screenshot: the window borders, tabs, fonts. The Mac OS 8 was firstly introduced by Apple in July 26, 1997.

It’s 14 years ago, wow! What did you look like 14 years ago?

I setup the “Classic” Mac OS theme on Ubuntu 11.04 with classic desktop (of course). I activate the global menu applet, adjust the panel, set the right font, and of course the wallpaper.

To make it feel more real, I also use the old Netscape theme on the Firefox internet browser. I am still looking for the icons, could not find one yet. But I already really feel the old time when using it.

Mac OS Classic Platinum 1.0 theme
Wikipedia, Mac OS 8

Better way to setup Macbuntu in Natty Narwhal

In my previous post, we can setup Macbuntu in Ubuntu 11.04 with little adjustment in installation script. But this approach have few problems. The script provided by Macbuntu offers things that actually we don’t need and more importantly causing many problems.

In general actually we can (read: should) skip few lines to avoid problems when installing in Natty.  So let’s do it in conventional way. Below are few steps to get what we need.

Bear in mind that I use classic desktop when I login. I have not tried install this using Unity Desktop but I think shouldn’t have any problem. Read more of this post

My old PC just upgraded

I have a pretty old PC, Pentium IV with 512MB memory, use Windows XP. This PC is basically used by my kids for playing game and internet browsing. It is still working fine until today since I bought it hmm.. I think 5 or 6 years ago.

I have been planning to upgrade its memory to its max spec 2GB. But I keep postponing the plan. Until recently it is very difficult to find this type of memory in local store.

Accidentally I found a seller in e-Bay that sells old type RAM, a Kingston DDR1 PC2100 1GB a piece with a reasonable price exactly the type I need. Then I order it although the seller’s country is far. I thought probably will receive it within two or three weeks.

Today I just received my order. It is really not bad, less than three week as what I thought.

Immediately I open the package, check first the thing, spec, examine if anything broken. The memory is still in the original Kingston box. The memory board is still pretty clean. I know that it is not new, it is refurbished item as seller’s note in eBay.

Then I open my PC, and replace the memory. It works! I feel like I have a new toy to play. I plan to install macbuntu to this PC and introduce ubuntu to my son. This time I will install Ubuntu 10.10 Maveric.

Clean look and simple theme for Ubuntu

I have been using Mac OSX look-like theme for my Ubuntu PC for more than a year. I used Mac4lin then changed to Macbuntu v2.3. I like its simple design and human friendly menus exactly like Mac OS X. It is not perfect theme but its good for a free theme. Some applications are not fully compatible, menus are miss displayed, small things but annoying, windows’ shadow not displayed properly.

Now, let’s try another original-not-Mac-copy theme. Another simple, clean, human friendly theme. I found one of the best available is Orta. With simple installation I immediately fall in love with this theme.

I did some adjustments to keep it simple and clean. Thanks to Orta Settings Manager. I change the menu to use the first option, select the Light menu with a round menu item highlight. Then change the Panel, select the Light panel. After click the Save button, you will be asked to reselect the Orta theme.

I also adjust the fonts that I like, Mac standard fonts settings, again to make it simple and clean. Select System, Preferences, Appearance, then select font tab. Select the fonts as in the following picture:

This feature in Ubuntu is one of the best I like. You can change the look and feel, and free. If you have similar experience like me I am more than happy to share and get input. I only hope that you also like it.

Switch Ubuntu to Mac

Finally somebody has developed something just the right package theme to switch your theme on ubuntu. I use ubuntu since very early version. Now I use 10.04 Lucid Lynx. I love ubuntu, it provide everything I need in an OS, for free.

In the past you have to do steps to turn it into Mac Leopard theme. Thanks to losoft and those people who put them together into Macbuntu. The package help me to setup in very easy way. Everything you need is in the package.