Admire to Wall-e

I admire to the design of Wall-e. It is a briliant creature. I imagine if I can have one at home. Hmm if I make one for my kids what it would be? It is kind of a pet robot, who always busy, run everywhere very fast, a bit shy, and fussy. I found in internet that some creative people who have similar interest like me already started the work.

Wood Wall-e courtesy of make online

Wood Wall-e

This wood made Wall-e must be a serious work, look the details are perfect. Read the detail here. I also make an unperfect and ugly, not finished prototype made using used carton box.

carton wall-e

carton wall-e

It is far from perfect wall-e created with my son. We made it in less than an hour, glued it on top of a chasis with motor, just to get the feel how it would be. We plan to change the neck with servo so the eyes can move left and right. Probably add a censor somewhere at the eyes to make Wall-e can move by her own.


Ardoo Two

The first robot I built using Arduino have some problem on the motors. I still plan to fix it later.

I am now building my second robot which I plan to give more skills and features. This is also an RC car based robot. This one have a better (working) motors which I can set the speed by adjusting the pulse on its pins. This still under construction. I added ultrasonic range finder and infrared to be an object obstacle robot. I also added an LCD screen so I can read some data I need for setting improvement.


My second work in progress robot.

My second work in progress robot.


Ardoo Two, the name I give to it, already working as first version. I still have to fix few things which currently not properly work. I will update you the progress.

Below is video of ardootwo. I have fixed reading problem on ultrasound, but not the infrared. I am still have to tune the code. This kind of robot needs no accuracy of sensor readings, sense a close object is sufficient.

This is the fritz sketch for Ardoo Two.

Make things smarter


My First Robot

Arduino on RC car


Couple of days ago I saw my wife was cleaning up my son toys. One of my son’s favorite toys is remote controller toys. One of them is a robot toy I bought in China few years ago. The other one is R/C car. Of course now all are broken.

Suddenly just a cross in my mind to keep these R/C toys. I don’t know what is my plan with them but I asked my wife I wanna keep them. So my wife kept what I need and through away the rest.

Couple days later I did some googling and found something very interesting. I found Arduino! Not really just found it. I’ve heard these brilliant this kind of open hardware projects few years ago.

Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform. It has a ‘brain’ or micro controller, you can program it as you needed. It can sense, receive inputs, and interact to other devices. To me I can create almost anything with it.

With some more googling, I found useful resources that I can start with. I bought Arduino Duemilanove with ATMega 328 microcontroller, also the mini version of it for my play and test. I also bought some additional electronic parts to build my first project. I use L293D motor driver to control the motors. There are two motors one in the front to turn left and right, the other one on the back to move forward or backward.

Watch the video below how it moves. In this video I have not add any sensors, just move forward or backward and turn left or right. Not bad at all for first project.

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Wall-e Prototype

My son created a Wall-e like prototype made from used milk outer carton box. It is still a dirty, and unfinished. But looks like Wall-e. We plan to add motor, censors, voice may be, to make it like real Wall-e.

Wall-e prototype