Back to the old time of Mac Classic

Remembering the good and the bad things in the old time always make me smile. This is exactly what I feel when trying an old style theme of Mac. I found an old Mac OS 8 “Classic” theme. You see the above screenshot: the window borders, tabs, fonts. The Mac OS 8 was firstly introduced by Apple in July 26, 1997.

It’s 14 years ago, wow! What did you look like 14 years ago?

I setup the “Classic” Mac OS theme on Ubuntu 11.04 with classic desktop (of course). I activate the global menu applet, adjust the panel, set the right font, and of course the wallpaper.

To make it feel more real, I also use the old Netscape theme on the Firefox internet browser. I am still looking for the icons, could not find one yet. But I already really feel the old time when using it.

Mac OS Classic Platinum 1.0 theme
Wikipedia, Mac OS 8


Steve Jobs: the greatest master of computer in our time has died

The greatest inventor, no, the greatest discoverer has passed away. The world have missed someone who has made our life different, who brings computers to your desk, phones to your hand, and music to your ears, and he made them all so gratefull as if they are all already there for us before our life.

His creations, designs, visions are always beyond our thoughts as if he came from far in the future and his mission is to introduce these new things to us in our time. He showed one by one product, one product in a time, as if he worried and wanted to ensure that we will love them and not hate them.

My highest appreciation, and my greatest thanks to Steve Jobs. I wish you will have another great journey in your next life.

Getting in to Google+

This morning I read a post in says that Google+ is opening to anyone today. Then I go to Google+ site, login to my account and click You+ menu on the top brings me to Google+. Yes it is now opened. Another new toy to play with. See what fun I can get from it.

Waiting for supermoon tonight

Tonight, the moon will reach its perigee at 19:09 UT, 2:09 a.m. local Time. Its distance from the Earth at that moment will be 221,565 miles, or 356,577 kilometers away only!

I am ready with my telescope and camera. I have been waiting this moment since I read the news last week. But the local weather is not so friendly tonight. There are thick clouds, so windy and lightnings too.

I really hope wind is blowing away the clouds. I got to see it or I shall wait for another 18 years.

Our colleague in Rusia has taken the super-moon yesterday and published at Below is the picture com when moon reach at its perigee.

Courtesy of

The full moon of March 2011, as it appeared to skywatcher Dmtriy S. Benbau in Ekaterinburg, Russia in the early-morning hours of March 19. CREDIT: Dmtriy S. Benbau

After a worth while waiting finally the weather compromised with me. It was not as big as I thought. According to the size is 30% bigger. At about 12am there were still thin clouds, but the sky was much cleaner.

I could take some good pictures. It is a bit tricky to take picure of moon. Below is one of the best I could get with my Nikon D3100, taken at 00:27. I use standard Nikon 18-55mm lens. I also tried to take under the telescope but couldn’t get what I want.

Supermoon above Jakarta

Supermoon above Jakarta

I should have done some trials a night before. But the result is pretty good, isn’t it?

Photography Experiments

I like natural view when I visit new place and take pictures. I brought my Nicon D3100 when I visited Netherlands last November. It was good weather, rather cold but okay. I got clear sky and have no rain. Its just perfect for taking pictures. Here are some nice pictures I took.

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Entry level camera: Nikon D3100

It is time to replace my old Nikon F70. It is still a film based camera. I am happy with this model. But now a days you are forced to upgrade your gadget to follow the recent technology. It is now very difficult to find a store who process your film. Although some people says digital quality is still yet to close the film based quality.

After googling and seeing some options available in the market, it comes to two options: Canon 550D or Nikon D3100. There is good article discuss the comparation between the two (read here). I decided to take the Nikon D3100. This model fullfils my needs for a non-pro like me.

Key Features:
• 14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
• 3.0″ LCD monitor (230,000 dots)
• Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)
• 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
• IS0 100-3200 range (12,800 expanded)
• HD movies (1080, 720p or WVGA)

Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100

Ride this cool vehicle


Ride this when you are dreaming: Harley Davidson VRSCAW V-Rod(R) 1250CC.