Admire to Wall-e

I admire to the design of Wall-e. It is a briliant creature. I imagine if I can have one at home. Hmm if I make one for my kids what it would be? It is kind of a pet robot, who always busy, run everywhere very fast, a bit shy, and fussy. I found in internet that some creative people who have similar interest like me already started the work.

Wood Wall-e courtesy of make online

Wood Wall-e

This wood made Wall-e must be a serious work, look the details are perfect. Read the detail here. I also make an unperfect and ugly, not finished prototype made using used carton box.

carton wall-e

carton wall-e

It is far from perfect wall-e created with my son. We made it in less than an hour, glued it on top of a chasis with motor, just to get the feel how it would be. We plan to change the neck with servo so the eyes can move left and right. Probably add a censor somewhere at the eyes to make Wall-e can move by her own.


Android on my Tytn II

After testing android on my PC and waiting a mature release, I decided to install it on my HTC Tytn II I bought couple years ago. I use guideline in the which provide me clear how-to including useful links.

Almost all basic features work. I can make and receive calls, send/receive sms, contacts list. I tested some free applications from market place. Some still not stable or work are camera, sound (finally it is fixed after I upgrade rom from htc site). Sometimes application just hang and not responding. But it is good that android offers me option whether to force stop or wait (not in winmo).

I still use haret (boot on winmo) to run android. I think I shall wait a really stable version before I flash the rom and fully switch from Windows Mobile to Android. I hope it can happen in very near future.

Android on my PC

Curious to Android of Google, I decided to install it on my PC. I install it under VirtualBox. First, of course I googling to get to know how to install it. I found some source to help me. Here are useful resources I use to install:

Later I plan to develop something on this Android. One thing I missed is to setup a virtual SD card on it.