Keep me posted at Google+

Keep me posted at Google+

I have been waiting quite long to be able just to taste what Google+ is.  But the site always give me “Keep me posted” message.  I don’t know what is happening with Google.  Where is the spirit of their “Keep in Beta” concept that Google did to their many applications in the past.

I think Google now become much slower.  Google is just too big that make them fat and slow to fight in this arena where the keyword is fast.  Read the message you got.  “Google+ is in limited Field Trial? testing with a small number of people? And what do they mean with it won’t be long… “.  And ” We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity.”   At least in my experience its not “temporarily”.  It should use the word “always”.

When I click the Keep Me Posted button (is that a button?), I got 404 page not found message! I can’t believe it.

If you have read the book or see the movie of Facebook, these guys are now the ones.  I hope they see and learn what happened to the giants, and don’t be too big and too greedy.

I think people will not be interested anymore when it is finally ready.  It will be just like their failed Orkut project.  Let’s see how worth is it after waiting that long.


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