Installing Natty Narwhal

It is not that easy for me to install the new Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhall.  I decided to do a fresh installation. But I got no luck on my first try. My PC was hang at the end of installation, it didn’t want to restart. My standard procedure is to check on Google if anyone else have same experience. No story about it yet. Then I tried to install without ticking update option checked and download apps. Another problem the PC hang up again soon after I logged on.

Then after several searches I found out the problem is my Nvidia card wasn’t recognized by Natty. So I disabled the Unity and use classic option that you can choose in logon screen. After successfully log on, Natty offered me an additional driver for my graphic card. I choose the recommended driver, but it was a wrong choice, my PC hang up again. Then I choose another driver (173), it works finally!

This is my first experience with Unity. I don’t like it, yet, may be I just need to get use to it. I leave it for now. Nothing I can do with it, no setting, no preference option. I also don’t like the standard font size. I think they are too big. I am not that old, and they look ugly. I scale down the size, choose the font setting, all down sized by 1, so most of the size I use is 9 or 10 points. Now it looks pretty okay.

I also feel that performance of Natty is not as responsive as previous version. After I clicked an icon on the bar, the program is not immediately pop up, nor hour glass. May be it needs more resources than I have. I use Intel’s core 2 duo processor with 2 gb memory.

Then download important apps, check to software center, download Chromium browser, Gimp, what else? Shotwell and Rhythmbox are also nice for now so I can play music when checking new things in Natty.

I choose one photo I took last week on an Art Bazaar. Crop it using Shotwell to screen size, then setup as my wallpaper. Do you like it?


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