Flash web designer

There is a good, simple to use Flash web designer available on the web called Wix.com. To create a new flash based website you simply create it by selecting from available templates and you do it all online on the web. There are a lot of nice menu, layout templates, pics to choose, and you can modify it in very simple way as if you are a pro flash designer. No training required. The free version will display wix ads. You have to pay monthly fee if you want to get rid of the ads.

Flash is excellent tool to create a program run on the web. It looks elegant, clean, smooth graphics. What I don’t like using Flash is it take a time to load a flash program sometime it take forever if you don’t have broadband connection.

Take a look to my website that I recently created. I finished it basically in less than an hour. Of course later then you have to do some clean ups and fixes here and there. But it is absolutely much faster than if you did it with Adobe Flex. And you can’t do it if you use Linux desktop like me.

I just want to try get the feeling how easy this tool at wix.com. It is a copy of robot projects in this blog, to show collections of my projects. It has a link to this blog.

But finally I found that you can’t open the website from your mobile phone. It is only available for desktop. I hope they will add mobile version soon so I can open from my android device.


2 Responses to Flash web designer

  1. Jay says:

    I remember using Wix years ago. Was good at first, but I think these days Flash will die off. HTML5 will be the new flash

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