Sirene Circuit

This is my son first project. I bought it in an electronic store, ready to assemble circuit packs. One of them is siren circuit. This is a mini version of police siren with three sound options.
It is a simple circuit, and very easy to assemble. He did it first at a breadboard to make sure everything works also to make him understand how parts are connected, learns new parts: voltage, resistors, diode, speaker and IC. What amazed me is it works at his first try.

Today he learns how to solder component parts into the PCB. There is small problem that he lost one 180K resistor, and I don’t have any spares. This causing the siren sounds too fast.
His soldering work is not bad at all, a bit dirty but it works. Most important is he now knows how to solder and working with electronic board. Our next plan is to integrate this circuit to Ardoo Two and controlled by Arduino.


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