My old PC just upgraded

I have a pretty old PC, Pentium IV with 512MB memory, use Windows XP. This PC is basically used by my kids for playing game and internet browsing. It is still working fine until today since I bought it hmm.. I think 5 or 6 years ago.

I have been planning to upgrade its memory to its max spec 2GB. But I keep postponing the plan. Until recently it is very difficult to find this type of memory in local store.

Accidentally I found a seller in e-Bay that sells old type RAM, a Kingston DDR1 PC2100 1GB a piece with a reasonable price exactly the type I need. Then I order it although the seller’s country is far. I thought probably will receive it within two or three weeks.

Today I just received my order. It is really not bad, less than three week as what I thought.

Immediately I open the package, check first the thing, spec, examine if anything broken. The memory is still in the original Kingston box. The memory board is still pretty clean. I know that it is not new, it is refurbished item as seller’s note in eBay.

Then I open my PC, and replace the memory. It works! I feel like I have a new toy to play. I plan to install macbuntu to this PC and introduce ubuntu to my son. This time I will install Ubuntu 10.10 Maveric.


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