Clean look and simple theme for Ubuntu

I have been using Mac OSX look-like theme for my Ubuntu PC for more than a year. I used Mac4lin then changed to Macbuntu v2.3. I like its simple design and human friendly menus exactly like Mac OS X. It is not perfect theme but its good for a free theme. Some applications are not fully compatible, menus are miss displayed, small things but annoying, windows’ shadow not displayed properly.

Now, let’s try another original-not-Mac-copy theme. Another simple, clean, human friendly theme. I found one of the best available is Orta. With simple installation I immediately fall in love with this theme.

I did some adjustments to keep it simple and clean. Thanks to Orta Settings Manager. I change the menu to use the first option, select the Light menu with a round menu item highlight. Then change the Panel, select the Light panel. After click the Save button, you will be asked to reselect the Orta theme.

I also adjust the fonts that I like, Mac standard fonts settings, again to make it simple and clean. Select System, Preferences, Appearance, then select font tab. Select the fonts as in the following picture:

This feature in Ubuntu is one of the best I like. You can change the look and feel, and free. If you have similar experience like me I am more than happy to share and get input. I only hope that you also like it.


3 Responses to Clean look and simple theme for Ubuntu

  1. zong says:

    could not find this package with the TREE. Is it possible to provide a xxx.iso version with latest 10.10 on x64

  2. zong says:

    sorry -one more -.) tried to find such an amazing wallpaper via google or other portals. If OK for you, pls send me an mail with this photo.

  3. Admin says:

    I don’t think there is 64 bit version for the theme. I myself, using ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit. Have you followed the link provided for orta? Just follow the steps in the the site. It should be pretty simple.

    For the tree wallpaper, I don’t remember where did I get it, I think it is available in standard ubuntu 10.04 installation, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ll email it to you.

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