Ardoo Two

The first robot I built using Arduino have some problem on the motors. I still plan to fix it later.

I am now building my second robot which I plan to give more skills and features. This is also an RC car based robot. This one have a better (working) motors which I can set the speed by adjusting the pulse on its pins. This still under construction. I added ultrasonic range finder and infrared to be an object obstacle robot. I also added an LCD screen so I can read some data I need for setting improvement.


My second work in progress robot.

My second work in progress robot.


Ardoo Two, the name I give to it, already working as first version. I still have to fix few things which currently not properly work. I will update you the progress.

Below is video of ardootwo. I have fixed reading problem on ultrasound, but not the infrared. I am still have to tune the code. This kind of robot needs no accuracy of sensor readings, sense a close object is sufficient.

This is the fritz sketch for Ardoo Two.


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