Tips: How to setup company email on your PDA

After a while of searching a right device for me, finally I choose HTC TyTN II. Quite impresive. With Windows Mobile 6 and a lot of features you can find here.

Then one thing I wanna do is how I can get my office email on my TyTN and I want to be able to reply my emails as I were in the office. This would be pretty easy if your company have a POP3 access for you. My company policy not allow me using pop mail and neither push email. Well push mail only runs on MS Exchange 2007 above. What should I do?

First I need a mail server that allow pop3 and having different reply email address. At least there are two email services have this feature: hotmail with windows live and gmail. I choose gmail. This feature allow you to reply with another email address. This is how to setup:

  1. Create a new email account in Gmail. I created this email account special for my mobile.
  2. Ask your company administrator to forward your email to this Gmail email address.
  3. Go to Settings – Accounts. Click Another email address. Enter your office email address here. And select the radio buttons to Always reply from my default address (your office email address).
  4. Gmail will send a verification to your company email.
  5. Now setup your mobile email client. Go to Messaging, Start – Program – Messaging. Click New Account.
  6. Enter your office email address. Click Next.
  7. Enter Your name. I prefer to set it as when you setup in your office.
  8. Enter Account display name. Click Next.
  9. Enter Incoming mail server:
  10. Select Account Type: POP3.
  11. Enter your user name in Gmail and password. Check the checkbox to save password otherwise you have to enter password everytime sync to server.
  12. Enter Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
  13. Check both Outgoing server requires authentication and Use the same user name and password for sending email.
  14. Select Automatic Send/Receive and Download messages schedule as you like. Click Next.
  15. Select message format and Message download limit as you like.
  16. Click Finish.

Now you can receive and send office email from your mobile.

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