What is the idea?

Dream Weaver

Since I was kid a lot of ideas coming to my mind. A lot of them are just passing, but usually I discussed the idea to someone who would listen. I never wrote it. I promise to myself I will write it somewhere that would not be lost. Finally there is blog technology. So your idea would not be lost anymore. Really? How if the hosting company went bankrupt? Event Google or Microsoft, I don’t know one day would it be gone? I do hope not. Thats why I agree these kind of company should be – must be so rich – so bankrupt is not an option. The stake is already too expensive. Not only talking about money. Invaluable ideas, projects, technology and tools that has been used or will be used by millions or billions of people will also gone.God must be with these very lucky guys. I believe it must be God not evil. Cause God always brings kindness. If you see what do they do they are brought into what they achieve today. And how so many people are so dependent to their inventions. These guys although some are genius, a lot are average people, I see there are similar patterns in their live. Something helps them make it happen, whether they are admit it or not.I am just an ordinary guy with average intelligent too. I have seen some of my ideas already have across in my minds that I didn’t do anything either, one day somebody make it happen and of course it works, people love it.

I need to make myself write them in this blog. If you see most of greatests ideas are come from very simple. It comes from studying, learning what already has been worked in this live. I wish I could make it at least one just one a very simple one that can helps people in this earth live better.


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